How to Develop and Integrate your Marketing Systems to create a Strong Foundation for Growth


The RESPONSE “9 Step Business Growth System” is a model that provides a step by step approach to developing your business for long term profit growth. Each particular step represents a specific marketing system that in isolation can substantially grow your sales when implemented correctly.

However, the true power of the “9 Step Business Growth System” is in the development and integration (in the correct order) of each of these marketing systems into your company’s Marketing Action Plan (MAP).

Instead of relying on one or two ad hoc marketing activities to drive your business growth, this system will help you develop 9 different revenue generating systems that will continuously drive your business forward.

The “9 Step Business Growth System” that Increases your Bottom Line

1. Measurement System & Market Research

Track the success of your different marketing activities and sales conversion rates, change what doesn’t work and invest more time and money in what succeeds. Research your clients to identify what they want and what they find frustrating

2. Points of Difference

Consistently and clearly communicate your Points of Difference to prospects and clients throughout all marketing, sales tools and points of contact, and this will work on multiple fronts to create more leads, better sales conversion, greater customer retention and more word of mouth

3. Sales System

Improve your Sales Conversion Rate, Average Sale Value and Gross Profit by testing, refining and systemising your sales presentation, sales materials, offers, closing techniques, cross selling and upselling approaches

4. Service Delivery System

Develop a series of “Must Do” steps with every sale that will exceed your customer’s expectations and create increased customer loyalty and word of mouth referrals

5. Customer Marketing/Retention Program

Communicate and market back to customers on a regular basis and this will achieve both a high customer retention rate, increased purchase frequency and less price sensitivity



6. Word of Mouth Marketing Systems

Harness the power of word of mouth by developing ongoing Strategic Alliance Programs and Referral Programs that work each and every month to introduce prequalified and endorsed new prospects to your business

7. Key Account Relationship Marketing

High value prospects have high switching costs, however an extremely successful way of winning the large clients is by developing a 6 step (or more) relationship marketing program that gradually wins business at each step during a period of 6 months

8. Direct Marketing Programs

The power of a well executed one to one communication by mail, email, face or phone direct to your prospect can create substantial new business, but when developed as an ongoing “drip feed” system, the results can multiply and compound your growth

9. Advertising Programs

Whether it be through broadcast, print or web media, advertising when developed in an ongoing program (that is continually tested and improved upon) will usually be far more successful and less time intensive than traditional one off campaign

The above descriptions provides an extremely brief overview of each system. Within each of these areas, there are many different strategies and tactics that will be presented at our “9 Step Business Growth System” Seminar.

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