Conversion Increase By 224 Percent in 3 Months

After our 1 day workshop with Response Marketing, I decided to book a full day planning session with Andrew Levy, who had vast experience and knowledge within our business industry. At this time, we were in a situation where we decided to dedicate all of our time and resources into the business but we didn’t have much of an idea on how to maximise our marketing. The planning session was brilliant for our business. Rather than tell us what we could do, Andrew focused on campaign development and how we tactically implement each marketing strategy. He also helped script up the content for our brochures, flyers and direct marketing letters during the day, which of course was a massive help.

Just 3 months after the session with Andrew, we have implemented a number of his recommendations, which has taken our business to another level. By optimising our phone sales system and changing the way we talk to potential clients, integrating a follow up procedure, developing a packaging system as well as upgrading our proposals and sales presentation, our conversion rate to sale has tripled (224% increase). Our DJ’s are booked up right through to next year and I ‘am now hiring more DJ’s just to keep up with the people wanting to book.

Because of the incredible results we have seen within our business, I have been referring alliance partners and other businesses affiliates to Andrew. Thank you so much for all of your practical advice, and were looking forward to developing more campaigns with you in the future.  


Naveen Holt – Owner, Holt Music DJ Services