689 New Clients from 2 Campaign 

"I began working with Brett Williams after attending his 9 Step Business Growth Seminar. I was already an avid marketer, running a successful salon for the previous 15 years, but I was ready to take my business to the next level. Over the following 2 years Brett developed a variety of highly effective new business marketing programs using strategic alliances and referral programs, and helped maximise my client retention through lapsed and lost customer direct marketing system.

The results have been amazing. I gained 329 new clients from one strategic alliance mailout, and 360 from another. A lost client mailout (clients who hadn't been back between 3-24 months) returned 666 clients out of 1826, a conversion of 36.5%. Brett's direct marketing skills are exceptional. Through a key account relationship marketing program, we actually had 10 out of 11 local real estate agents promoting a Pierrot's special offer to every new home buyer in the area.

For the past 3 years, I've hardly needed Brett's help as the systems we set up have continued to work and we are at absolute capacity with 18 staff in one salon and everyone is fully booked! Between 2001 (when Brett started his programs) and 2005, our active client base has gone from 2000 to 3500, our average sale has gone from $65 to $90, our new clients have gone from 23 to 89 per month. I can't recommend Brett's marketing strategies and systems highly enough".


Julie Jeffery, Principal, Pierrot's Hair & Beauty Studio