1700 sales in 2 days and 133% Increase in members

I started working with Response Marketing in early 2007 after attending a 3 day workshop. Initially, we developed a long term strategic marketing plan that would enable our business to sustain the profit growth from year to year, with the resources we had. Our first campaign was working on increasing our loyalty clients and loyalty members. In the first year, we increase our numbers from 3000 to 7000 members (133% increase), through better sales techniques and refined strategies to engage more numbers. This was a result of streamlining and restructuring our marketing with team incentives, welcome letters, birthday gifts, monthly specials, face to face sales scripting as well as providing better offers to keep our members motivated.

With a substantial increase in loyalty numbers, we were able to market back to clients on consistent basis and promote specific campaign that generated larger uptake in response. One of the biggest strategies that Andrew and I worked on was optimising our yearly “Gala Days”. We first started running these events in 2008 and they were immediately successful. This year, we decided to take our “Gala Days” to another level by implementing an event centric strategic alliance program, a series of event advertisements as well as a specific direct marketing mail out to our loyal clients. Whilst we did increase our expenditure marketing the event, the response to last years’ campaign (2011) was the huge. We had 1700 sales in 2 days, with an average of $32 per purchase.  We now have a formula to follow, which ensures we will generate a positive ROI for years to come. As you can imagine, we are looking forward to the November 2012 “Gala Day”

Working with Brett and Andrew give you the support you need and the marketing experience to make your campaigns a success. They give you an easy to follow formula which keeps you accountable and keeps you  headed towards your target. Now we are working on our own with the tools that Response have provided, but we know that Brett and Andrew are just a phone call or an email away when we need some good marketing advice. It’s very reassuring!

Simone Jackson – Director, Nightingales Pharmacy and Newsagency