Turnover Has Grown 134 Percent

I attended the 3 day workshop in July 2008. Before I went to the course, I’d been running my Automotive Service business for 8 years. I was sick of working long hours doing the same thing each day, just making a living. Systems for Success was life changing for me.

Following through on my Marketing Action Plan, I started seeing immediate results. With the skills gained from the workshop,  I implemented the Legrand CRM database, started measuring my marketing, improved my advertising (one campaign produced 1231% return on investment), direct marketed my clients, increased cross selling, upgraded my signage, developed a high impact website, set up strategic alliances and increased my prices (without losing any customers).

As my sales grew, I employed an Office Manager, allowing me more time to work on the business. This in turn created more growth, so I employed a Full Time Service Manager, allowing me to be completely off the tools. Within only 8 months of the course, my Auto business was now run fully under management, we had almost doubled our average sale and our turnover had grown 134%!. Whilst all this was happening, I had been selling Quad Bikes (which I imported directly) out of the front section of our Auto shop. With more time to spend working on the business, I turned my attention to marketing the quad bikes. Sales growth has been spectacular. I changed my focus from retail selling to wholesaling, and with my new direct marketing skills, I secured 8 dealers and resellers. This has increased our quad bike sales by 348%.

My quad bike retailing was also growing, so we’ve leased new premises, used Response Marketing to rebrand the retail business, and I’m now amazed to say that in our first month of our new Perth Quad Bikes shop, we have seen an equivalent monthly  sales turnover to our Auto business! An incredible year that has set me up for life and all of this has been achieved in a downturn! Thank you Brett. 

Mark Penrose, Owner of Penrose Automotive, DC Imports and Perth Quad Bikes