194 Percent Growth in Sales

Following the October 2008 workshop, we immediately put in place changes to the structure of the website, its design, and the promotion of the online competition – this resulted in an increase in web comp competition entries from 196 in January up to 503 by June 09. Changes to design, contact forms and other web promotions also helped drive more traffic and convert them to enquiries.

The total results of all this marketing effort is incredible.  From November 08 to June 09, Viva went from 300 studio bookings per month to 882 bookings, a massive increase of 194% in sales consultations.  This has resulted in sales increases of up to $280,000 per month.

I highly recommend the workshops, consulting and agency services of Response Marketing Solutions to anyone looking to completely shift their business to another level.

Vic Natoli, Owner, VIVA Life Photography