Map to Success One Day Workshop

The Workshop is a one day course that gives you the key steps on how to develop each of the 9 business growth systems and helps you develop a Marketing Action Plan for your company (or specific area/department).

Before the workshop even begins, you are given a 181 point questionnaire to complete.

This questionnaire is a tried and tested tool (used with hundreds of agency clients) that will help you to analyse all the opportunities within your business so you can identify and prioritise those strategies or systems that will have the highest Return On Investment (of your time and money). 

During the Workshop, presenter Brett Williams, will spend considerable time on each of the 9 business growth strategies, outlining the different approaches to getting the best results, the key steps you’ll need to know when developing each strategy, and how to implement the strategy as an ongoing system.

Whilst understanding what strategies to work on and in which order is important, it is this implementation “know how” that is vital to achieving the maximum potential of each strategy you develop.

The Workshop has been specifically designed so that you will create real and ongoing results in your business. Many seminars and workshops (no matter how good their content) fail to achieve the results attendees desire because there is no plan on how to transfer the knowledge to the test, writing up the key strategies and order for your own Marketing Action Plan. It is this thorough workshop process (of preparation/analysis, learning, planning and action) before, during and after the workshop that creates the best possible chance you will transfer knowledge to action.

Developing Your Specialist Skills - Learn the “Best Practice” Implementation Techniques that will Maximise your Profit

“MAP to Success” Workshop will take your marketing results to a whole new level by giving you the step by step detail for developing and implementing each of the nine business growth strategies to achieve their best possible success for your business.

Most importantly, Brett will take the time to explain the “ins and outs” of testing and refining each marketing strategy so that it becomes a fully functioning, highly automated system that keeps working to grow your business each and every month to follow.

Throughout the day, Brett will go through a variety of highly successful “real life” case studies so you can see exactly how each strategy has been applied, the specific outcomes that were achieved and how these systems are still working many years later to continuously grow sales and profits. This process will help you to better visualise how to implement each strategy in your market and what hurdles you will need to overcome to achieve the best result.

The “MAP to Success” Workshop will provide you with the very best knowledge of Brett’s 17 years of concentrated study of best practice marketing and sales and his personal experience with over 500+ clients (see Brett’s profile). 

All the specific tactics, techniques and tools that you will require for each area of business development will be fully explained and outlined that you to can achieve the best results possible from your future investments in marketing.



MAP to Success Workshop Investment: $800 (Exc GST)

The RESPONSE Marketing Solutions "Return on Investments Guarantee"

We are confident you will be blown away by the potential of the strategies, implementation techniques and systems we teach, so much so, we are willing to make you the following guarantee:
"If by the end of the 'MAP to Success' 1 day workshop, you are not confident that you will increase your net profit by at least 30% within 6 months of the workshop, we'll happily refund your money"


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