250 Percent Increase in Avergae Sale

Following the August 2011 “MAP to Success workshop” with Response Marketing, I started working with Andrew in a consulting capacity to maximise the growth of my signage business. We immediately started working on systems and strategies that had maximum short term results, as my main focus was quick sales and better cash flow. Within the first session, he analysed and reviewed the effectiveness of my business structure and he shared some specific implementation techniques that would have immediate impact.


Having worked on my communication strategy and a revised pricing structure, the short term results were fantastic. Within the first 2 month of consulting with Andrew, the business achieved a 96% growth in sales turnover. We took our average sales from $133 in November to $332 in December (250% increase).
We are continuing to develop a variety of different online and offline marketing strategies to further increase our sales turnover and net profit position.

Kylie Cummins – Owner / Director, A-Z Signs