Our sales growth is now over 1000 Percent

As the owner of two completely different businesses (a manufacturing business and a community pharmacy) I highly recommend the “Systems for Success” Workshop.

It’s now two years after completing the course and we’ve implemented 90% of our program for the pharmacy. The success has been massive. Our loyalty club went from an original 500 members to now having more than 6,000 members who actually value our nurturing and respond to all our marketing. Our special events for our members are especially huge, we actually have queues waiting for us to open to rush in and buy, and it’s amazing.

For our manufacturing business, we set up a special 5 Step Key Account marketing system to acquire new clients. Our success rate has been amazing at just under 100% of the businesses we targeted, we have acquired 95 new clients and only 2 have said no. In one regional marketing program we targeted 38 businesses and gained sales from all 38 clients within just 2 days!

We then targeted the 2 largest Australian companies and got them both.  As a one man band from Perth, I’ve used the marketing program to target a $1 billion company and have won their business within 3 months. Sales orders from this company are typically 30 times our average sales order!

Our sales growth is now over 1000% and most importantly we’ve established a nationwide brand. I can’t talk highly enough of Brett Williams and RMS “Systems for Success”.

David Cooper, Owner of Subi Square Chemist and St Francis Pharmaceuticals