First 3 Months, Up By 25 Percent

"Brett, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for The Half Price Pottery Group. When we first came to you we lacked direction, motivation and a serious level of what to do and how to do it (even though we had used numerous marketing and advertising companies in the past that were reputed to be "The Biggest and the Best"). Since putting the various systems and programmes you designed into place and giving them a go, I can clearly say that we are very impressed.

From time of implementation to now our figures for the first 3 months are up by 25%, a remarkable achievement by any standards. We now have a totally new and positive outlook and can't help but feel we are finally on the right track, and most of all the results have given all the Franchisees a new lease on life. Thankyou for a job well done, you are a great Ambassador for the Marketing Industry".


David Blackman, Master Franchisor, Half Price Pottery Group