Successful Campaign to 100 Companies

"DDI Asia Pacific is strategic human resource consulting firm providing leadership and selection solutions to the Australian market. When developing our marketing program we contracted Brett Williams of RESPONSE Marketing Solutions to help us develop a "Key Account Relationship Marketing Program" to help our account managers build personal relationships with HR Directors in the Top 100 companies across Australia (not an easy contact to get hold of.)

The early feedback after initiating our relationship marketing program has been very positive indeed. Our sales people are finding it easier to get past phone screens to talk to the key contacts, and to our surprise, the contacts are requesting appointments at earlier stages than we had planned, even though at this point we are not even asking for appointments! While it is too early to measure the sales impact of this campaign, we are very happy with the appointment to mailing percentage we have achieved to date which is about 15%. We anticipate however that this will go much higher as the campaign progresses. It has been so successful so quickly that there is also now much interest in the approach both from our UK and US offices.

I would recommend any company to at least explore howRESPONSE Marketing Solutions can work with them to improve the impact of their marketing dollar. Brett's advice is sensible, practical and based on both research and his own experience. Most importantly, his advice does get results!"



Evan Salt, Marketing Director, DDI Asia Pacific