Conversion Increase of 93 Percent

Rogue Wolf has been working with Andrew at Response Marketing for 9 months, developing new marketing initiatives and enhancing the campaigns that we had already developed within our business. We immediately set up marketing and sales measurement reports, so we had a better understanding of our KPI’s and a clearer understanding of the areas of opportunity. The key standout was the increase within our sales conversion and how we maximised our quote acceptance. Andrew optimised our face to face sales system as well as updating our quotation form, with incredible results. Our sales conversion grew from 27% to 52% (93% increase) which resulted in a $35,000 per month additional income.

We also improved our lead generation strategy by upgrading our website with soft commitment offers and more effective content. Our online enquiries increased from 5 enquiries per month to an average of 95 per month (peaking at 112enquiries.) With a restructure of our website, we are now achieving a 26% conversion to contact form.

With Andrews’s extensive knowledge and key recommendations, we have been able to turn our business around, when we were looking at selling. We would definitely recommend using the Response Marketing systems and especially Andrew as a consultant. Everything has been perfect for us and we can’t thank him enough.


Drew Dougan – Managing Director, Rogue Wolf Home Removal