63 Percent Conversion of Cold Prospects

Midway through 2008 I was working in my business, effectively a one man band. Working long hours doing everything in the business limited my sales and service capacity, but I was also wary of wasting money on marketing that didn’t work. I decided to do the “Systems for Success”     

Workshop and I’m so glad I did. I learnt incredible marketing programs, strategies and techniques that were simple to follow and helped me create a practical but highly effective Marketing Action Plan.

One of the first things I did was to increase my price but at the same time upgrade my proposal using the Response Marketing proven approach.  This worked a treat as people were so impressed by the proposal and the points of difference, I would regularly win the job even when I was the highest bidder. The result of these efforts was a doubling of my Net Profit within a year of the course

With more sales and profit, I began employing other people to do my “low dollar per hour” tasks, which meant I’ve been able to spend more time working on the business.    

This has in turn increased my sales capacity so I employed an industry specialist to help with more sales and service, and put him through the Response 3 day course as well. We’ve also moved to larger more professional premises.

Using the direct marketing skills and techniques I learned in the course I’ve been amazed at the results we’ve achieved with our direct marketing. At one point we had a 63% conversion of cold prospects we contacted to appointment… a fantastic result. We are now improving our Yellow Pages advert, our website, our online marketing strategy and are developing more prospect lists for direct marketing.   

The outcome of all this marketing has been spectacular. Just last month, our sales turnover was equivalent to what we previously did last year in 6 months. The future is bright, so much so, I’ve had the confidence to buy my dream property in Moore River for my family and our leisure time.  Thanks to Response Marketing Solutions, I’ve achieved in 6 months what probably would have taken me 5 years on my own. I’m truly excited and confident about my business and my future.

Francis Fragomeni, Owner, 3 Monkeys Audio Visual