Increased Our Sales By 412 Percent

"Minuteman Press began working with RESPONSE Marketing Solutions in late 2001. Back then Brett Williams developed a marketing program for us that we still use to this day. The program involved developing a measurement system, Commitment Statement, prospect and client nurture program, strategic alliances and referral program. We have implemented these strategies and systems and not only did we have great initial success, the individual systems have continued to work each year. Brett effectively made himself redundant, and 5 years later we're still applying his marketing programs.

The beauty of all this is we didn't implement all the marketing systems to the letter, but they still succeeded, it's become an organic process we have now made our own. Brett has also continued to use Minuteman Press to do the printing for many of his other clients. This has been great for us, because we have watched his other clients succeed, going from strength to strength with similar programs. Seeing them grow too has given me further confidence to continue to apply these marketing strategies .

In the last 5 years, Minuteman Press has increased our sales by 412%, and we have achieved this whilst growing our gross profit margin each and every year since. We credit a large part of this growth to the success of the marketing programs Brett developed with us those many years ago".


David Kegen, Managing Director, Minuteman Press Perth